Enjoy your holiday in holiday home Dreiländerblick at the border triangle in Carinthia

Welcome to Villa Dreiländerblick

Our holiday home is located at the Dreiländereck skiing and hiking area in Seltschach.
With great care we have arranged it and we hope that everyone will feel comfortable and that our house contributes to a nice holiday feeling.

Both in summer and in winter there is plenty to do and experience in this beautiful region for every age. You can have breakfast in Austria in the morning, go skiing and have lunch in Slovenia and end the day with a delicious pizza in Italy.
In the summer, the many beautiful lakes in the area provide a pleasant refreshment. The direct environment is ideal for all types of cycling and walking.

Our house is located at 680 meters altitude and 4 kilometers from the highway. You reach it via a good provincial road, which is kept free of snow in the winter.

Layout house and facilities

The house is part of a two-under-one-roof house, suitable for 8 people. There are 3 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms are on the first floor and 1 bedroom is in the attic.
There is a carport next to the house. The house has a deep back garden, oriented to the south and bordering a stream.

Winter activities

Our house is located in the south of Carinthia. The winters in this area offer plenty of sun, cold nights and snow. It is a snow-secure area, because this area does not have hair blowers. This keeps the snow longer

Summer activities

At about 100 meters from the house is the chairlift, which takes you towards the Thrones Point. You can also choose to walk to the top. On top of the mountain you have a magnificent view over the valley and you can visit the restaurant.